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photo of the day // fort kochi

photo of the day // fort kochi

Canon 5D Mark2, 45TS-E, F2.8, 1/6400sec
Location: Fort Kochi, Kerela, India // chinese fishing nets
Date: April 5 2011, 5:44pm

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veridiana Costa - Hi Amish and Natisha,

We were anxious for the pic of the day! … and Love!

Edu e Veri

Smita Galbraith - Ahhh…love this pic. we have similar one from our trip there….isn’t it so beautiful?

photo of the day // palitana

photo of the day // palitana

Canon 5D Mark2, 45TS-E, F2.8, 1/5000sec
Location: Palitana, Gujarat, India // Temples atop Mount Satrunjaya
Date: April 2 2011, 9:51am

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niven - almost looks like a miniature model! great shot as per usual, Amish :)

Juliana - Hey Amish, great pic. Is this meant to be a tilt-shift style photo?

veridiana Costa - Amazing!

Amish - Thanks everyone! Yes Juliana, this is a ‘real’ tilt-shift photo, ie: I actually used a proper tilt-shift lens so the effect is done properly through the lens (not using software, which can look gimmicky).

Jen LeBlanc - WOWEEEEEE! That’s awesome.

(Hi Mom!)

photo of the day // diu

photo of the day // diu

Canon 5D Mark2, 16-35L, F2.8, 1/5000sec, ISO 100 + BW Circular Polarizer
Location: Diu, Gujarat, India // India cows
Date: March 31 2011, 6:26pm

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Casey Warren - Love this image! the hazy sunset rocks.

Cant wait to see you guys when you return from your amazing adventures.


Pardeep Singh - Amazing photo bro.

Mark Klassen - Can you release a collection at 1920 x 1080 for background pictures ;)

Amish - Ha! I’ve been rotating some of the images (and unreleased ones ;)) as my wallpaper on my laptop. If your serious, just let me know and I’ll forward it to you via email.

jakarta, indonesia

So from Hong Kong we flew to Jakarta, Indonesia (Feb 21). And in Jakarta we battled traffic gridlock, ate some amazing food, filmed our first cinema wedding together, haggled for batik shirts, drank too much beer, discovered a band named Slank, and amidst all of that made new friends.

Our trip to Indonesia was timed to attend the wedding of my friend Dwiko and his fiancee (now wife!) Feby. Dwiko is a talented photographer whom I met while in India while helping with City of Lakes; we kept in touch after that, and met up again when I was in England this past summer. Closer to the wedding date, I was honored when Dwiko asked if I would shoot cinema at his wedding.

We really don’t have many photos from Jakarta to post here. Dwiko and Feby’s wedding was a multi-day celebration, so we have plenty of cinema, but that’s backed up on three hard drives (just to be safe!) until we get back home to edit it all. Plus we were busy shopping for clothing for the wedding, celebrating Dwiko’s upcoming marriage with buckets of Heineken and free t-shirts at the Beer Garden, and hanging out with the rest of Dwiko and Feby’s friends who had flown in for the wedding – Hanne, Vinny, Pete, and Angga – all hailing from different parts of the world.

So here are a few random photos from our 5 days in Jakarta.

Jakarta // View from our Aston apartment

At Work

photo of the day // agariyas

photo of the day // Agariyas

Canon 5D Mark2, 135L, F2.0, 1/6400sec, ISO 100
Location: Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India // Agariyas salt pan worker
Date: March 20 2011, 11:55am

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melia - OK, this is a case of the scene looking miniature. I thought that the worker was a scorpion or a crab at the beach at first, then I tried to remember if scorpions could carry things and thought not. In any case, one more reminder of why I shouldn’t complain about my ‘back pain’ designing albums at my desk.

Ashik - This is a great picture Amish..

veridiana - We were wondering what you can do with your lens in Brazil… Specially in our wedding!!
We are waiting for you!!
Veridiana e Eduardo

Pardeep Singh - I thought the same thing as Melia at first.

Looks like you have no shortage of lenses with you! Haha. Love this photo btw.