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Hong Kong

When we booked our plane tickets back in January, we knew we might have to change the dates for the tickets, so we weren’t quite sure where we would begin our journey: it was either Laos/Cambodia (which we eventually cut out due to the late start of our trip) or Indonesia. So we decided to book tickets to Hong Kong which has plenty of connections to elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Our time in Hong Kong was short – shy of two days. We feel pretty comfortable in Hong Kong, and it’s a great place to start a trip to Southeast Asia, a city that’s renowned for shopping and eating; since we’re at the beginning of the trip, we decided to forgo the shopping bit and concentrate on the eating. Despite our brief time in the city, we met up again with our friend Michelle and some of her friends, and enjoyed¬†hot pot, dim sum, and Shanghainese cuisine during our visit.

We visited many of the main attractions (ie: Mongkok, The Peak, Promenade, Star Ferry, etc) in Hong Kong on our way to Bangkok last spring, but we hadn’t seen the Tian Tan Buddha yet so we decided to do that on what was a rather gray and cold day. The Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery are on Lantau Island, a lush, green landscape that is a nice and convenient escape from the city. We took the Ngong Ping 360 cable car up the steep incline to the Giant Buddha, enjoyed a vegetarian lunch at the temple, lit some incense for good luck for the rest of our journey, and then “survived” the bus ride down the winding roads to the MTR station.

From Hong Kong, we planned on travelling to Jakarta – on our last day in Hong Kong, we booked the plane tickets (yes, last minute!) and managed to get a good deal on them, although it meant an entire day travelling via Singapore on budget (ie: no leg room for Amish) airlines.

We will be back in Hong Kong when we finish up our trip, and we plan on doing some shopping as well as hiking on Lantau Island.

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niven - Thought i recognized the S’pore coastline! :) Pictures look awesome!

that first ‘major’ update

We are currently in Jakarta and l I figured I’d give a update over the past week.

As some of you were aware we were originally booked to fly out on Tuesday, February 15th. On a very hectic Valentine’s Day, while Natisha and I were driving back to the condo to continue our packing, we realized that attempting to leave the next morning for Hong Kong was rather unrealistic. So we were able to change our flight last minute, and we chose to push it out to Friday the 18th; this gave us a few extra days to finish packing up our condo, hand over the keys, and pack our backpacks for our travels.

While we did a fairly good job with keeping our travel gear set aside while moving/packing our condo, packing three months of travel gear + ‘other gear’ (as Natisha calls it) into our backpacks was no easy task. Especially not when you start at 11pm and your flight is the next moring. Here’s what our Thursday night looked like.

other gearThe last image shows the ‘other gear’ that I referred to. For those interested, here’s what we’ve brought along with us:

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 60D, Canon S95,¬†GoPro HD, 135mm f2.0, 16-35mm f2.8, 24mm f1.4, 45mm tse 2.8, 1.4x, zoom H1, intervalometer, Glidecam 1000HD, Manfrotto monopod (not the 561HDV sadly!), a few chargers, Recsea underwater housing for the S95, Moisture Munchers (yes MYW!), a ‘homebrewed’ Igus 18″ minislider, and finally my Asus U35JC 13″ laptop.

Most of the camera gear I carry in a smaller backpack, which is a Tamrac Evolution 8. Believe it or not, I have all of that down to around 20lbs weight so that I can carry it on flights instead of checking it in. My main backpack is approx 33-35lbs, so in total I’m carrying around 55lbs on me. After a long season of editing and sitting at a computer, I’m surprised I’m not bagged (yes pun intended!) by carrying it all, but then again, we haven’t had any long stretches of carrying the bags on us yet.

Next up on the blog – Hong Kong.

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Andrew - You guys will be in great shape hauling all that stuff around!

melia - ugh. i think i’m almost too old for nights like this. glad you guys are safely on your way now though.

One Week Countdown

We have one week (+1 day) left before we embark on our first journey which will last 3 months. Our to-do list is a mile long. Sitting on the plane next week will feel so good. ready-set-go!

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Mark & Anne-Shirley - Hope you two have an amazing time! Savour each moment; try everything once & make sure you take loads of pictures so we can all see what you’ve been up to… Bon voyage! :)