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Where in the world are we?

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

It’s definitely been a while since our last update. We are doing well – we are just crazy busy.

After our last update in Mongolia, we travelled up north where we spent a couple days on horseback to visit the Tsaatan reindeer herders. We then travelled to China via the Trans-Mongolian train – we spent a few days touring Beijing, hiking the Great Wall of China, and eating far too many delicious dumplings. We then flew via Hong Kong to Kathmandu, Nepal where we succeeded in trekking to Everest Base Camp situated at a lofty 5300 meters. And we finally had our first helicopter ride – an evacuation charter after heavy fog and weather had us stranded at Lukla following our trek.

We returned home to Canada in early November and have been perched at our desks since. Well nearly. We had the opportunity to photograph an amazing weddding in Cancun, Mexico – after all the cold weather in Mongolia and Nepal, we welcomed the heat and sun. We took a few days to rest in Cozumel and enjoy a bit of a proper “holiday” and do some scuba diving around the Great Maya Barrier Reef. But we are both back at the computers now, furiously working on projects and photos, thinking about our next trip.

We had planed to leave in mid December to visit New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji. But we didn’t luck out with airfares – the price for a flight to New Zealand alone was well beyond what we were willing to spend. Our travel is only possible because we manage to travel on a budget that is comparable (if not less) than what it costs us to live in Vancouver. This is partly what makes travel in Asia so enticing – say compared to the high costs of travel in Europe.

So instead of the South Pacific we’re off to the Philippines – again! I learned to dive 7 years ago, and my love for the ocean keeps growing. So I’ve decided to take the PADI Divemaster course, after recently completing the rescue diver course earlier last year in the Philippines. It will be a bit of a working “holiday” for both of us. My Divemaster course will be a one-month internship, which will mean a lot of grunt work and lots of diving. And Natisha has a couple of projects – creative and technical – that she will be working on while I’m busy with my course. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to get some more photos up here on the blog! So as usual, stay tuned!

Cozumel, Mexico

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Raja Kalsi - Great photographs and awesome insight. I went snorkelling for the first time in Maui last December and now I’m hooked. Im not a strong swimmer so this year i decided to take swimming lessons. I love these travel posts, hopefully there are more to come, Cheers.

Johnny - Awesome post Amish! Jen and I just got back from Boracay a couple days ago. I didn’t go diving this time, but Jen went and she said it was amazing as usual.

We are talking about hiking Everest for our next journey. Any suggestions?

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