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Out of Town

This should of been posted up a week ago but I am currently out of the country for the month of March on our very delayed honeymoon in Thailand.

Due to some of our locations, I will have limited access to email while away, but will try to reply to any urgent requests. All emails will be replied to once we return during the first week of April. Thank you!

Arshdeep + Navdeep – Wedding

I wanted to put up a ‘New Years’ post and talk about last year, but I’ve been waiting to post one wedding from last year, that is a long time in coming.

Last summer was a hot one here in Vancouver, and most of my couples’ wedding days were drenched with sun and heat; but on Arshdeep and Navdeep’s wedding day, we woke up early to a calm and cloudy sky, which set the perfect tone for the quiet yet moving ceremonies that unfolded on their wedding day. I had been looking forward to their wedding since last January, when Navdeep’s brother, Pardeep (another amazing local photographer), called me to ask if I could photograph his brother’s wedding. As I mentioned a couple months ago in the sneak peek for this wedding, Casey came up from Seattle to shoot along side us.

One of the highlights for me was the Gatka performance after the ceremony. While I had heard of this martial art before, I had never seen it in person. I think we were all stunned by the gracefulness of this art.

While I rarely post a lot of images on my blog, I had a bit of a issue cutting down the amount of images I wanted to share. This is definitely my longest post to date, so hopefully this makes up for my lack of posting these last few weeks. Happy New Year!

melia - probably my favourite blog post on any wedding blog ever. brilliant. wish i was there that day!

Sima - Amish, this is so lovely. The pictures alone and moreso put together are amazing. What a story!

Kevin Shahinian - Fantastic images as always. Few are as talented at capturing all of the detail & grandeur in a South Asian celebration.

Troy - Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous! The contrast and colours are so vibrant!

tara - brilliant photos amish! what a gorgeous wedding

Pardeep - Amish, you guys did a great job. I’m really happy that we found you to shoot my brother’s wedding. I don’t think we could have found anyone else to do a better job. Thanks bro.

Pally - Your ability to capture this couples grace, personality and humility is unreal. What beautiful photos. I am so incredibly excited and honored to have you as my photographer!

Inder - Amazing photos. Lucky enough to attend that wedding, and if you can do that for our wedding, you will be worth every penny and more.

HJ - Simply breathtaking

TR - These images are achingly beautiful, absolutely moving. You did an amazing job! You can really feel the humility and the spiritual light emanating from them. Just amazing, absolutely amazing!

larissa - this is blowing my mind! I love your oof shots. You are so daring and I LOVE it.

Michael Y. Wong - AMAZING SET!!!! bravo amish! -myw

Tara + Justin – Hindu Wedding Ceremony

I haven’t been ‘writing’ much with my blog posts, because frankly, I don’t think I’m the best writer. But, every now and then, I just want to voice my thoughts, so here goes;

Tara + Justin got married on a über hot weekend this past summer. I was fortunate enough to be there for 3 days to capture the festivities. The first day, being the Mendhi party which was posted a week or two back. I’ve shared some sneak peeks over the last few days from Day 2, but here’s a few more from that day.

Melia joined me again, which is always a treat. I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve enjoyed collaborating with other photographers when it comes to shooting weddings, and I’ve had the utmost pleasure of having Melia come out with me on several weddings this summer. If you don’t recall, she shot my own wedding last summer, and since then we’ve become good friends and have had the chance to work with each other several times this summer, but also while sharing tech. knowledge (me), smoothies (her), coconuts (her), and eating good food. Melia says she enjoys the colors of the Indian weddings, but I really think she loves the Indian food more;)

Okay, enough chit-chat, onto Tara + Justin’s long awaited blog post! Day 3 of their wedding/reception will be coming soon!

greg Lassik - this is the best work i have seen in a long time amish. you are really standing out. great job!

Rima - Wow loving these shots! The shots on the hill are amazing, I’m loving your style of work!!

Jane - I just want to let you know you’ve inspired me! I came across your work browsing photo books on Photobook Australia and saw Tara and Justin’s book. Your work is rich, authentic and very artistic- just beautiful! Keep up the great work you are doing!

Michael Y. Wong - another killer set!!!! -myw

Kait - LOVE these. WOW!