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joanne + eugene – engaged

After returning home from a long trip, it’s easy to get the travel blues. But not in our case!

Joanne and Eugene’s shoot was scheduled just two days after our return from Asia, and even though we were still living out of our backpacks at the time, their session was huge motivation for us to ‘kick’ our jetlag and get outside and photograph what we love most: people in love.

We returned to our ‘old’ neighbourhood Steveston for their session, and lucked out with beautiful light that evening.

Lesley - welcome back!! :) beautiful photos as usual!

veridiana - Nice pic’s!
Loved it!

Ashik Chauhan - Great stuff guys.. Glad to see some new things up on the blog! Can’t wait to see some more images!

Sweta + Aman – Wedding

sweta, brideDeer Lake Row Boatmendhi, frogaman, swetatire, coconut

The highlight of Sweta and Aman’s wedding celebration was their Hindu ceremony. I loved photographing Aman’s procession to the wedding, the bharat, which was accompanied by drums, dancing, an S550 blasting music, and yes, a white horse. They married beneath an elaborate mandap, specially chosen and shipped from India, and then assembled by Sweta’s family as a labour of love. And as their ceremony unfolded, their friends and family indulged on mango ice cream, an absolute treat on such a hot summer day.

I love that Sweta and Aman, like so many of my couples, are adventurous and and fun-spirited – when I suggested we hop in the rowboat in Deer Lake Park, they didn’t hesitate. We captured a few photographs initially with them alone in the boat, but after watching Aman labour away in the summer heat, I decided to jump in and take the newlyweds out for a nice row. Aman continued his search for his initials in Sweta’s mendhi, while Sweta showed us boys how to properly row a boat!

Pardeep Singh - Dude, stunning photos. And great job on the new site!

Paul Koziorowski - Those are some fantastic shots. Going to do my first Hindu wedding this summer. Gotta love those colours.

Sweta + Aman Garba Night

Burnaby Lake Pavillion, ducksBurnaby Lake Pavillioncandles, divagarbagarbaDandiyaDandiya RaasDandiya Raas

The night following Sweta’s mendhi party, the families met to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Sweta and Aman. The festivities took place at the Burnaby Rowing Lake Pavilion on a perfect summer evening. The highlight of the evening was the dancing! I am quite partial to Garba and Dandiya Raas, which are folk dances unique to Gujarati culture and wedding celebrations. It was amazing to photograph an event with such energy in the venue, the tempo of the live music and dancing steadily increasing into the night. Finally, I was in good company that evening, as Bruce and his team from Cloud Nine Creative shot cinema.

stacy squires photography - Beautiful!!!