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Gigi’s Mendhi Night

Back in July, Giji (my old friend/dance instructor) was getting married, and asked if I could come by and take some pictures during her Mendhi night. Of course without hesitation I accepted, as I absolutely love shooting pre-ceremonies for Indian weddings.

Mendhi nights are great, there’s great food, music, and dancing to boot. I’m totally free to just go around taking shots, and capturing the emotion. One thing that always intrigues me however is watching the mendhi artists work away. Pauline of spent what seemed like hours working on the hands and feet of Gigi. Her husband Andy, also kept up to his duties and came by often to apply lemon to to mendhi. There is such an art to it, but no matter how many times I see mendhi artist work, I always take time just to stand back and watch in awe.

Gigi Mendhi Night

Gigi Mendhi Night

Gigi Mendhi NightGigi Mendhi Night

Gigi Mendhi Night

Gigi Mendhi Night

Rod Pasco - I love these pictures.

I have never been to an Indian wedding but they seem so much more colorful and vibrant than ours!


Blue Olive End of Season Party

Monday evening I dropped by the Blue Olive studio for their end of the season party. Melia was the only one I knew there (she is shooting our wedding!), but after a short while I got to meet only a handful of the other 45+ photographers there!

It truly is a small world however. I ran into Rico, who I met back in Jan of this year, when I sold my old 50 1.8 lens as I was upgrading to the 50 1.4. I saw him across the room, but I couldn’t place it at first where I knew him from. Funny enough, he’s sold that lens now, and also has the 1.4.

I ended up staying close to the end, so I had a chance to meet/talk with Miranda and Reilly who were hosting the party. Every time I thought I’d walk up, they were usually busy with other shooters whom I figured they knew. But I eventually got a chance to talk with both of them. I’m glad I did because they are both full of so much knowledge, and were also so open to sharing it.

Thanks again for the food, drinks and chats!

Kim & Jason

I’ve known Kim for over 10 years now. We first met back in junior high. Back in ’05, Kim & Jason got married in one of my favorite places, Cuba! I was actually inches away from flying out as well just to shoot their wedding (would of been my first Destination wedding!) however it just happened to be that time of the year where EVERY hotel was booked!

She asked me a while back to take Jason and her out for a shoot nearby her place in Vancouver. So a Sunday came along with some fairly good weather and we went out to hit up Kits. Maddie (their dog) also came out who kept things interesting!

Kim & Jason

Kim & JasonKim & Jason

Kim & JasonKim & Jason

Kim & Jason

The Famous Blog

Well, those who know me, know i’m usually up to the latest trends, and the ‘blog’ seems to be the going trend these days with Wedding Photographers.

Why a blog? My thought? It’s that ‘connection’ feeling that allows brides and grooms to get an better understanding of the person who is going to capture the memories of one of the most important days of your lives. For you not only to see my work, but my life, as I live it day by day.

My friends have asked, “Why wedding photography?”. And the answer? Simple. “I get to spend the first best day of a couples new life together.”

Signature Image

The picture above is the one picture that started it all. Most of your know, but the bride in the picture is my sister, Smita. I took this shot back in 2004 with my first digital camera during her photo shoot with her photographer. I guess its that one ‘signature’ image that put me in the field I am today.