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new year with new changes

Yes I know, its been way too long since my last post. December ended up being a windstorm of a month. Photoshoots, holiday parties, physio, family get togethers, December had them all.

But here I am, 2008, a new year with new changes. I’ve made some pretty big changes in my life recently, but the biggest was the move to make photography my full time career. Starting your own business is never easy, but as I’ve experienced first hand with my dads business, it can be done. Plus, I’m lucky enough to have great family and friends who are supporting me throughout this change.

That being said, I dedicate the next week of blog posts to Lesley, who I know has been so graciously waiting for me to post some more pictures!

These first set of images go back to mid December, where Sima & Jon (my future sis/bro in-law) invited Natisha, Anika and I over to put some gingerbread houses together. Can you guess which one is mine?

red ring… hmm what could that mean?

Red Ring

Sima, Anika and I putting on some final touches




finished product and finished fingers




Lesley - “That being said, I dedicate the next week of blog posts to Lesley”

Ummm, where are my other posts? Deeply saddened by this. *grin*

I’m gonna kick your butt the next time I see you!

Jen - Great shots, lensbaby?

Amish - Thanks Jen!

Nope, they were all taken with my Canon 45mm TS-E lens (tilt/shift).

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