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Sweta + Aman – Wedding

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The highlight of Sweta and Aman’s wedding celebration was their Hindu ceremony. I loved photographing Aman’s procession to the wedding, the bharat, which was accompanied by drums, dancing, an S550 blasting music, and yes, a white horse. They married beneath an elaborate mandap, specially chosen and shipped from India, and then assembled by Sweta’s family as a labour of love. And as their ceremony unfolded, their friends and family indulged on mango ice cream, an absolute treat on such a hot summer day.

I love that Sweta and Aman, like so many of my couples, are adventurous and and fun-spirited – when I suggested we hop in the rowboat in Deer Lake Park, they didn’t hesitate. We captured a few photographs initially with them alone in the boat, but after watching Aman labour away in the summer heat, I decided to jump in and take the newlyweds out for a nice row. Aman continued his search for his initials in Sweta’s mendhi, while Sweta showed us boys how to properly row a boat!

Pardeep Singh - Dude, stunning photos. And great job on the new site!

Paul Koziorowski - Those are some fantastic shots. Going to do my first Hindu wedding this summer. Gotta love those colours.

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