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Change – Part 2

I spoke about change in a previous blog post.

Travelling to Thailand in March was our honeymoon, but the more I think about it, it was quite the life changer.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have parents that love to travel and they passed that love of travel on to me, even as a young child. When I was 5, our family moved to New Zealand for a year (before moving back to Canada). By the time I graduated high school, I had been to India, South Africa, England, Cuba, and Singapore.

I remember in 1994 when a travel show debuted called Lonely Planet. I watched the show almost religiously, loving everything from the travel experiences to the music and imagery that was shot. Sadly as the show became more mainstream, I lost interest in the show, but still loved to travel.

Fast forward to a few years ago, while channel surfing I caught a glimpse of a street scene from India. What caught my eye was how it was shot. With a Steadicam. I couldn’t recall any travel shows where a Steadicam was used. So I continued to watch. The cinematography and music selection was unlike any travel show I had ever watched.

Fast forward again (hey I’m trying to keep this short!), I’ve enjoyed watching three seasons of this show called Departures. The show is based on two (err 3) Canadian travelers (Scott + Justin) who leave their lives behind to travel the world, captured beautifully through the camera lens of their fellow travel companion Andre. Although it is a show, watching the progression of the travelers over the years is what really got me me thinking about my life.

Let me be clear, I LOVE my life. A few years ago, I got married to my wife Natisha, and just before that I started my company. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met some of the most inspirational people in the industry and have had to chance to travel to some amazing destinations to shoot some similarly amazing weddings. But with most travel jobs, it’s just that. Fly in and fly out.

On our way back from Thailand, I got thinking more about long term travel. I wrote down our monthly expenses on a napkin on our flight home. Mortgage, car payments, insurance, cell phone, cable, internet, etc. For a few months after we returned we talked and planned. Could we do it?

Fast forward (last time!) to today and I’m pleased to say we said we can. In late January/early Feb, Natisha and I are setting off to travel for approx 4 months. We are selling our little condo here in Steveston, our first home together, putting all our belongings into storage and will be living out of a backpack (or two!) and travelling through South East Asia + India. We’ll return prior to the 2011 wedding season to do more of what we love (photographing weddings and people in love!) and as soon as wedding season winds down, we’ll take off again for more world travel.

A big question I’m sure that lies with a lot of our present and future clients is what does this mean for you? Absolutely nothing. Our home is in BC and we will be back with plenty of time to adjust (and clean ourselves up!); we are looking forward to photographing our couples and their weddings next year here at home. We love returning home after travel, because we tend to return with a different perspective and greater appreciation for where we live, and what we do. Plus, our studio has grown in recent months as Natisha has joined the studio full-time, which means next year will be our best yet.

Back to the travel. Where are we planning on going? We want to take our time while travelling, not be rushed or compelled to hurry through a place we unexpectedly love, so we are keeping our itinerary fairly tentative. Our current plan for our first leg (Feb-May ’11) is to go to Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Cambodia, and India. Our second leg (Nov ’11 – May ’12) will hopefully include parts of South America (yes it’s big!), Fiji, New Zealand, East Africa, and back to India/Nepal.

We will be blogging (both photo and video!) while travelling and yes you will hear will hear more from us. I say us, because Natisha will also be blogging as well as myself. We most likely will be starting another blog but it will be directly linked on this site (more info on this coming soon).

So if you’ve wondered why it’s been ‘quiet’ here in the blog front, now you know. There has been an incredible amount of planning for the trip, not to mention we’ve been working hard away at editing/albums/prints from all the wedding’s we’ve shot this past season.

That being said, we did want to surprise some of you followers with something that has been in the making for sometime, and that is our new website! If you haven’t already noticed here on the blog (which has been revamped) our website at has finally been launched showcasing images from this year and the past. Yup another change!

If you’ve managed to read through this long post, let me end with a Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays + Happy New Year to you all!

(of course a blog post means nothing without a image, so here is one that I took while in England this past year. I found it ‘fitting’.)

Shane - Hey Amish,

I’m really excited to read about your travels and more than a little jealous. I’ve been trying to find ways to do this with my family, but it’s a bit tougher with my daughter, dog, wife with a career she doesn’t really want to start over on… all mostly excuses I know, but tough excuses to work around.

All the best! (and Happy Holidays!)


Andrew - Dude, the new site/blog/portfolio/brand is AWESOME! Very excited for you guys…

Jen - Nat & Ami, I’m so happy for both of you and so proud of you guys for following your dreams. I promise you you will never regret it! Xoxo

Raj - WOW!!!! I’m glad I went onto your blog and read that wonderful post! Congrats to you and your wife for making that choice! It sounds like a you two will be having a lot of adventures. Kirin and I wish you both the best for you journey. Good luck!

Lynn@C+L - Congrats on following your dreams! Have an amazing journey!! Here’s to change & challenge in 2011!

Getty Images Philippines - Life is short, so make it memorable. Nice blog.

Paul - That was a great read Amish, thanks for sharing and best of luck on your trip! Looking forward to the travel photos!

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