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Sukh + Gurj – Proposal

A couple weeks ago, I was on my way to New York to shoot an amazing wedding along side Casey + Danielle from MindCastle Studios. A day before my flight from Toronto, I received a call from Gurj, Sukh’s boyfriend. Although they have been planning their wedding next year, he had not yet officially proposed to her. By sheer coincidence, Sukh and Gurj were on route to New York for a weekend getaway the same weekend as me. Except that it was more than just a weekend getaway; Gurj was secretly planning a surprise proposal in New York City. Sukh and Gurj really wanted to do a portrait session in NYC (because how can you NOT have photos in NYC?!),  so Gurj and I conspired together so that he could propose to her during their photo session.

While we visited some recognizable landmarks in New York during their portrait session, what may be less obvious in the photographs is the weather that Sukh and Gurj literally battled. Despite a blanket of dark DARK clouds, torrential rains, and tornados in nearby Brooklyn (not kidding!), Sukh and Gurj were determined to enjoy their time in the city and with one another.

Congratulations Sukh + Gurj!

Lesley - Awww how cute! You orchestrated this beautifully! :)

Smita - Sukh looks beautiful as always…great photos…totally captured the moment:) Gurj…you look good too!

Rachna - Congratulations to you both! Sukh you look beautiful as usual and Gurj; you aren’t looking so bad yourself :) Well done Amish; the photos are amazing.

Jas & Harps - WOW!! This looks like a great session and congratulations once again

Pavan - Congratulations! You both look amazing! Incredibly romantic Bhaji…ever so proud of you big bro! lots of love, masarji, massiji, Harps, Jas, Pavan xxx

Sukhraj - Congrats Gurj and Sukh! Your pictures are amazing!! :)

Sukh - Thank you so very much for capturing this ‘special & magical’ moment for us, Amish! ;)

Rob P - Congrats to the both of you, pictures look great!

andrew - Fantastic set! A unique take on some classic NYC landmarks.

Sangeeta - Aww the pics are fantastic! So stylish, love the surprise proposal!!! Well done guys!

Deep and Gora - Beautiful!! Congratulations Gurj and Sukh x

Daljit Flora - Hey good looking people – I thought I was flicking through the OK magazine – you both look hot (i wish I had your legs Sukh…), and what a wicked background. Big kiss and a massive congratulations to you both, love you both Jiti Massi xxxxxxx

Tara Sharma - This is so great! Wonderful photos! Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

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