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Jas + Mannys’ Engagement Party

Is anyone else getting tired of this weather?

I was bundled up today like it was February. The rain wouldn’t stop falling, and I was soaked while running errands. I guess it doesn’t help that I have this odd flu going around. It can’t make it’s mind up whether or not it wants me to get sick or not. It’s like I’m ‘kinda sick’. Hmmm, time for another glass of OJ.

Time to close the drapes, sit down, turn on some music, do some editing, and start to feel better.

2 weekends ago I went to out to capture Jas + Mannys’ engagement party. After meeting Jas twice previously I was totally stoked and ready to not only capture the first party itself but also a small pre-shoot we had planned out. Jas had left it up to me to find a location, so I went out to scout out some locations near by.

While I have a ton of photos to go through, I figured I’d show one off which was taken near the start of our shoot at the Surrey Newton Library.

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