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happy vday!

Valentines day means different things to everyone. Some go out and celebrate like crazy (dinner, movies, flowers, gifts, etc) while others ‘ahem’ goto Subway.

But not to stray off topic and keeping with the hallmark of the holiday, I got a “Kiss” today! And this Kiss came in one box, with a big pair of lips on it:

You might be asking what I ordered, and if its ‘work safe’ but rest assure, it is (although i’m sure the Fedex guy thought else wise!). My two portfolio albums from my album supplier, Kiss Wedding Books, arrived today, and I can’t take the grin off my face. I’ve read about the quality and workmanship that goes into these albums, but NOTHING prepares you for your first hands on test. The full grain Italian leather is beyond what words can describe. Yes I actually did a cheek test, and its oh-so buttery smooth.

The binds are perfect, 2mm pages cut to perfection, and the prints (Kodak Eudora Satin Paper) are ubber smooth and vibrant. As you can see I’ve ordered two albums one 10×10 in Red, and another 12×12 in Black. They also come in these swank cloth bags to protect the albums. I’ll stop yappin now, and show you a few pictures, but incase you’re wondering what the inside looks like… well you’ll just have to come and see them at my booth at the East West Show next weekend.

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