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Suparna + Shomik

Suparna and Shomik got married a few months ago in India. I never met Suparna till their engagement session a few weeks back, but Shomik and I had met during his sister Lipika’s wedding last year which I also shot.

Being that their wedding was a few months ago, this past Saturdays itinerary, was fairly simple. Suparna and the girls get ready at a salon, go for photoshoot, then reception. Easy does it. The best part about the day, was the time I was given for their photosession. They were both open to ‘almost’ every idea I had, and with the amount of time I was given, we were able to goto a variety of locations. Woot! With that, on to some photos!

Sillyness = Approved

Yes, that is a bed of cherry blossoms!

Incase you’re wondering, we shot most of the images at Queens Park in New Westminster. This last one however, was my favorite from the session. As a marriage is the start of a family, I call this the start of a family tree:

Lesley - Amish! that last photo….ahhh!! Perfection, creative, fantastic!!! :D

Pardeep Singh - Family tree = sweet

Eileen - Your pics are fantastic as always. And all I can say about the tree photo is “pure genius”! Love them all

Suparna - Hi Amish,
I LUVED the pics…So, looking forward to all of them soooon :)The ‘Family Tree” is so….i think AWESOME” is the word…

Sujoy - Hey i really like the photos :)specially the second last , looks like some movie poster :P

gracci - Amish! The last photo is genius!!! LOVE it!

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