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The Holy Grail of Lens

I’ll be the first to admit (Natisha would chime in right after) but I’m a bit of a gear nut. I love getting new gear. That being said, I get them for a reason. I like GOOD gear. Quality, weather proofing, buttery bokeh. And in the end, it pays of in the images. The Canon […]

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Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl XLII has arrived and that means one thing. Keeping along with tradition (the past 6 years), all the boys come over for Superbowl Sunday, video games, and if you didn’t know by now, Tandoori BBQ chicken. Now I’m not sure why it started like this, but after the first batch of Tandoori, the guys […]

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new year with new changes

Yes I know, its been way too long since my last post. December ended up being a windstorm of a month. Photoshoots, holiday parties, physio, family get togethers, December had them all. But here I am, 2008, a new year with new changes. I’ve made some pretty big changes in my life recently, but the […]

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Booth Planning with a Latte

Natisha and I dropped by Adam and Lesley’s pad this afternoon. Its been a while since we all got together and had a relaxed evening. It was a productive evening as we got to chat about ideas for the upcoming bridal show. We threw ideas back and forth about how to make it the stand […]

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