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Dina + Simons’ Wedding

Didn’t I say more blogging to come? I just didn’t say when, ha!  Well its official, I’m married! Natisha and I were married on a beautiful day in August, with the support of our friends and family from close and far. We had an amazing reception the next day, the punctuation for a multi-day celebration […]

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More bloggin’ to come!

Yup, I’m still alive. It’s been a while since my last post, but I figured I might as well give a quick update on my lack of blog posts. I’ve been busy. Really busy. As many of you know, I too am getting married this year, and as of today there is officially 26 days […]

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Two-Views Seminar

Last weekend, I drove down to Seattle to attend the Two-Views Seminar put on by leading Hollywood and international photographers Joe Buissink and Yervant. Funny enough out of the 100+ attendees about 70% were from Canada. I met up with a few photographers that I had met last year including my photographer for my own […]

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The Holy Grail of Lens

I’ll be the first to admit (Natisha would chime in right after) but I’m a bit of a gear nut. I love getting new gear. That being said, I get them for a reason. I like GOOD gear. Quality, weather proofing, buttery bokeh. And in the end, it pays of in the images. The Canon […]

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