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jen + carlos – engaged

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I’ve been lucky over the past couple years to photograph the weddings of friends – both old and new. Jen and I went to high school together and we’ve become even better friends since then. Natisha and I are so excited to attend (and photograph) her and Carlos’ wedding in Dominican Republic later this year.

While in Toronto this spring (returning from another wedding in Dominican Republic!), I decided to take a last-minute short hop to Nova Scotia for a portraiture session with Jen and Carlos.

We started our session at the iconic Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. It was super foggy with impending rain clouds – epic weather for photographs. And then the weather got even MORE epic. It started to rain. A lot. Jen and Carlos were so awesome through it all and you can see in the images it was clearly worth it.

Not satisfied with the rain and dreary weather, we decided that to try our luck the next day. We woke up to more rain in Halifax, but we knew there had to be sun ‘somewhere’. With our smartphones and travel guides in hand, we looked up Doppler radars and drove towards blue skies. We managed to find it on the western end of Nova Scotia. Along the way we found some pretty stellar places to shoot and explore. Thank you Jen and Carlos for hosting me for my short visit and showing me some awesome East Coast hospitality! I can’t wait to see you guys in November.

Lyndsey - Beautiful shots of a beautiful couple! All the best Jen and Carlos :)

Erik - I’ve been waiting to see these. SO good.

Eunice + Eddie = e2


It’s been a while since we’ve posted some weddings. We had a wonderful wedding season last year, and after it wrapped up, we quickly packed up our belongings, moved out of our condo (again!) and spent 2.5 months in Africa. As usual, our blog is neglected while we travel.

Eunice and I went to high school together so we’ve known each other for some time. Over the years that Eunice and Eddie have been together, I’ve had the chance to become friends with Eddie as well. It was extra special to be able to celebrate with them and photograph their wedding. In fact, last year Natisha and I were privileged enough to be able to celebrate with three “friend” couples and capture their weddings. We’re always asked if we want to be there as a guest or as a photographer, and while we love being guests, we also love shooting too (I can’t recall the last wedding I’ve been to family or friends where I haven’t captured some of the event by camera!).

Eunice and Eddie were wed at the Capilano Golf and Country Club in North Vancouver – it was fabulous weather, lovely venue, amazing food, and great company.

Props to Andrew for helping out again so Natisha and I could ‘relax’ later in the evening;)

R.H.Vaghela - You did a nice job…..

Febrina + Dwiko Highlight

This is a different kind of post for our blog. Being photographers, we naturally feature images on our blog. Still images. But over the past couple years, I’ve slowly ventured into moving images – cinema. I’ve had the opportunity to film many weddings – some on my own and some with other studios. And the wedding I’m sharing today, I filmed with Natisha (her first cinema wedding!).

Back in 2011, as Natisha and I were planning the first of our series of extended travels, we were presented with the amazing opportunity to film the wedding for my friend and fellow photographer Dwiko and his (now) wife Febrina.

I actually met Dwiko because of cinema – we met in India in 2009 while I was helping with the production of the City of Lakes film in India. And Dwiko, who lives in the UK, was one of the photographers for the wedding featured in the film. We kept in touch ever since.

Febrina and Dwiko’s wedding took place in Jakarta, Indonesia which was our first stop during that three month trip. Surrounded by friends and family, their wedding celebrations featured a mid-week Mappacchi ceremony at Febrina’s grandmothers house leading up to the wedding day. Natisha and I decided to start filming early on the wedding day since we learned that weddings in Jakarta can be quite the production in terms of setup and decor – we were not disappointed! Their wedding was a blend of cultures and traditions – featuring a Nikkah ceremony, Chinese tea ceremony, and a reception that would make any foodie absolutely jealous (oh and a cake unlike any we’ve seen before!). Truly amazing experience for us!

If your interested in reading up more on how the wedding was captured, feel free to read up on it here.

Pardeep - Awesome work, guys. I look forward to shooting a wedding with you guys soon!